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Dramione Duet
dramione_duet WEEK 2 ROUND-UP 
4th-Sep-2016 10:11 am

darkcivet Language of Flowers (R) She was the bossy one, she was the stubborn one; and he was the one who always stopped to smell the flowers.
ochre_101 The Curious Case of Malfoy and Granger (PG-13) A pesky ferret. Check. A fed-up bachelorette. Check. Unrequited love. Double check. A disastrous blind date. Hell yeah. It takes just a little amount of time for our beloved Granger and Malfoy to come clean about their feelings.

callunahex Sans Merci (PG-13) Hermione’s research into a mysterious artifact in the Department of Mysteries has her reaching out to fellow Unspeakable Draco Malfoy for help, but it also forces her to accept something about her heritage she didn’t want to face.
starduchess Pegged for Dessert (NC-17) "I've pegged you as being impatient before, but this time you'll just have to curb those tendencies and wait for it."

ariel_riddle Surreptitious Glances (G) A game of Quidditch. Hermione finds her eyes darting over to a certain blond Slytherin. Every once in a while, he looks back.
ningloreth Mmmmm and Heartbreak at Hogsmeade (PG-13 & G) Draco and Hermione are on honeymoon and Christmas is the worst time for a break-up.
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