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Dramione Duet
dramione_duet MASTER LIST 
11th-Sep-2016 10:59 am

Thank you to all of our wonderful writers and artists:


And a special thank you to scarletladyy, who stepped in at the last minute as a pinch-hitter, and to starduchess, who, due to a strange set of circumstances, then volunteered to write a story for her, and scarletladyy provided three prompts, so we got an extra duet, but written in record time!

All the stories and artwork were wonderful this year and here, for your reading and viewing pleasure, is the Master List:

lrthunder The Letter (PG-13) Hermione reads a letter that Draco wrote to her, reassuring her of his love for her.
naarna Blame It On The Tropical Sun (NC-17) Hermione is sent on an undercover mission, and Draco wants to find out where she is, thus endangering the whole mission...

looneylunafan There are no Losers in this Game (NC-17) Draco and Hermione create a secret 'one-up' game going whenever they meet in Order safe houses.
rzzmg Flying (alternatively, ‘In Aeternum Fidelis’) (NC-17) She flies from him. He chases.

knowmefirst A Cinderella Story (G) Hermione is Cinderella and Draco is Prince Charming.
lemonade8 Sound at the Door! (G) Prompt 1. Hermione is a librarian and every day is the same for her until one Monday morning when she opens her front door and finds an unconscious, bleeding man lying on the floor.

ariel_riddle True Face (NC-17) A/U Voldemort wins. When things take a horrifying turn for the worse at the final battle, Hermione must go under cover as a Muggle in order to survive. She cannot escape notice forever, especially when Praetor Malfoy has troubles of his own that push him to seek out the mysterious Piper Daniels.
rivertempest What the Heart Wants (PG-13) Hermione Granger has always known, since the very first day at Hogwarts, that Draco Malfoy was betrothed to Pansy Parkinson. So why is Hermione trying to save Draco from his fate?

darkcivet Language of Flowers (R) She was the bossy one, she was the stubborn one; and he was the one who always stopped to smell the flowers.
ochre_101 The Curious Case of Malfoy and Granger (PG-13) A pesky ferret. Check. A fed-up bachelorette. Check. Unrequited love. Double check. A disastrous blind date. Hell yeah. It takes just a little amount of time for our beloved Granger and Malfoy to come clean about their feelings.

callunahex Sans Merci (PG-13) Hermione’s research into a mysterious artifact in the Department of Mysteries has her reaching out to fellow Unspeakable Draco Malfoy for help, but it also forces her to accept something about her heritage she didn’t want to face.
starduchess Pegged for Dessert (NC-17) "I've pegged you as being impatient before, but this time you'll just have to curb those tendencies and wait for it."

ariel_riddle Surreptitious Glances (G) A game of Quidditch. Hermione finds her eyes darting over to a certain blond Slytherin. Every once in a while, he looks back.
ningloreth Mmmmm and Heartbreak at Hogsmeade (PG-13 & G) Draco and Hermione are on honeymoon and Christmas is the worst time for a break-up.

crissytje Not Everything is What it Seems (PG-13) And that’s how their subtle game of Truth or Dare began, though neither of them really consciously realized it.
nerdzeword The Taste of Tea (PG-13) In which Hermione is oblivious, Draco is hot, and everyone loves tea.

hiddenhibernian Stealing Time (PG-13) Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes have figured out how to turn back time – but they're doing it wrong. Unless someone steps in before it's too late, the whole fabric of the universe might tear apart. Luckily, Draco is on the case.
ningloreth (pinch-hitter) Some of us are looking at the stars (NC-17) Hermione's attempt to assassinate Voldemort's right-hand man leads to an unlikely alliance.

scarletladyy Unconditional Love (NC-17) The Love Chamber holds many mysterious artefacts, but it's the love quartzes left in an old box that pique Hermione's interest. They all have the inscription of an ancient rune on them. With no luck decoding it herself, she turns to Ancient Runes Professor Draco Malfoy for a helping hand, with unexpected consequences.
starduchess Fall From Grace (R) Hermione thought she might have made a mistake. She hadn't planned on drug lord Draco Malfoy being quite so … accommodating, five years after the war.

Participants, you are now free to post your stories and artwork elsewhere!

In addition to the dramione_duet Category at Hawthorn & Vine, we also have a Collection at Archive Of Our Own (AO3), and I've created a new Subcollection for Round 8, 2016. If, when you're posting your story at AO3, you type round8_2016 into the Post to Collections/Challenges field, your story will be added to the Round 8 Subcollection:

If you want to add your previous stories to earlier Subcollections, the tags are:


Finally, a big, big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment on the stories and artwork. Don't forget that, if you don't comment, the writers and artists don't know whether or not you liked their work. If you want more of the stories and artwork you've enjoyed, you need to let them know you liked them!! SO, PLEASE, IF YOU ENJOY A STORY OR A PIECE OF ART, DO TAKE A MOMENT TO TELL THE AUTHOR/ARTIST.
11th-Sep-2016 02:34 pm (UTC)
It was definitely fun participating! =)

I hope I'll have the time to participate again next year...
13th-Sep-2016 02:02 am (UTC)
This was a great fest. Amazing stories. Thank-you for hosting! :)
20th-Sep-2016 08:17 pm (UTC)
It was a pleasure to be a part of this fest once again, so thank you for the opportunity! I've read my wonderful story, I just need to check out the others now!
11th-Jan-2017 07:08 pm (UTC)
I would really like to join!
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