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Dramione Duet
6th-Oct-2018 09:17 am

Remember you have to be a member of dramione_duet to access fic and art rated R or over.

frumpologist The French Connection (M) Hermione and Draco are on a job in Paris. Mission: connect Pansy Parkinson with the sudden plundering of unicorn hairs for use in her new fashion line. All is going according to plan until a friendly game of Monopoly turns into a drinking game, and then Hermione is left with all sorts of feelings she’d been trying to squash for months, her very own part to play in Pansy’s fashion show, and a murderer on the loose.
mykesprit This is your Brain on Love (M) To test their cure-all antidote, Hermione takes a dose of Amortentia and falls in love with Draco… her boss.

hiddenhibernian Beacons of Light (PG-13) After the war, the battle for the Ministry's soul is fought over at interminable committee meetings. A reformed Draco is there with a Muggle pen in his hand, fighting very hard to stay awake. It gets much more interesting when he notices that Hermione Granger actually has a sense of humour.
tygermine Baby Steps (G) Draco and Hermione do the Red Tape Tap Dance of Bureaucracy.

sleepy_grimm Dramione Deatheaters and New Beginnings (M) In order for Harry Potter to survive the war, Draco and Hermione must work alongside one another as spies for the Order -- to be Vodermort's Death Eaters and Living life without magic is hard -- impossible, even -- but five years after the war, Draco and Hermione are making an effort to live a quiet life in the Muggle world. New beginnings are difficult to conjure without much magic by their side, and yet a budding family makes it all worth while.
slytheringal94 A Love Story (G) A story of love and coming back to the Wizarding World after running away so many years ago!

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